Lopez Community Trails Network long range plan

This spring, our partner the Lopez Community Trails Network completed its Lopez Island Trails Long Range Plan. Kirman Taylor will be presenting the Plan to the San Juan County Commission on Tuesday, December 2nd. The meeting will be held at the Lopez Community center and begins at 9:00am.

From Kirman:

“We developed this document at the suggestion of our sibling trails groups, San Juan County Trails Committee and Orcas Pathways, as well as with the advice of our NPS consultant Alex Stone.  We are presenting it to SJC Council for recognition of our accomplishments and to reinforce our vision before the governing body of the county.

“Special thanks to Ilene Unruh and Dianne Dyer who shouldered the bulk of the work.”

Download the Plan here: LCTN Long Range Trails Plan, MASTER Spring 2014, 4-08-2014

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