About Lopez Hill

Lopez Hill is often referred to as “The Heart of Lopez.” The forest encloses its visitors so intimately that they are often struck by a sense of being far from civilization, despite the fact that the land is only minutes from nearby homes and roads. This sense of isolation makes Lopez Hill unique to public lands on Lopez Island. Its intact inland forest affords a place where we can forget the limits imposed by the surrounding water. In summer’s heat, we can retreat to its cool, quiet glades. On dispiriting winter days, we can revel in the magnificence of a true Pacific Northwest rainforest—dark and dripping, green and mysterious. Lopez Hill offers us a chance to retreat and renew our spirits.

Lopez Hill is currently managed by the San Juan County Land Bank.

The varied topography and dense forest on the hill support an intricate network of trails, and consequently seems much larger than other open or coastal preserves of similar size. These trails currently accommodate hikers, mountain bikers, runners, students, equestrians, birdwatchers, and hunters.

Recreational Uses

Currently, the following recreational uses are allowed on Lopez Hill:

  • Hiking, walking, running, etc.
  • Mountain biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Dog walking (dogs must be on a leash at all times)

Prohibited activities

  • No camping
  • No fires
  • Daytime use only
  • Bikers and horses on designated trails only; observe all posted trail closures
  • No motorized vehicles, including ATVs
  • No commercial use
  • No collection of botanical, zoological, geological, or other specimens except by permission for scientific or educational purposes.

Hunting on Lopez Hill

Hunting is currently permitted on all DNR lands, but please be aware that there are many residences nearby and other users of the hill trails. See our page on hunting on Lopez Hill for more information.

San Juan County Firearm Restriction

WA Dept Fish & Wildlife Hunting Info