Hunting on Lopez Hill

For current information see: 2020 Hunting Information.

There has been hunting on Lopez Hill for many decades. Ever since the major predators of deer (wolves and mountain lions) were removed from the islands, the deer population has grown unsustainably. Today hunting is the best current hope for keeping the deer population down. The hunting season for Lopez Hill extends for half of the time for the rest of the state, in a compromise between safety and deer population control.

Give us feedback on how you feel about hunting on Lopez Hill. Send email to Amanda Wedow, Steward of the Land Bank.

Wearing ‘hunter orange’ is a good idea during the next couple of months. We’ve been told that orange is the next fashion statement, so you can be an innovator. As always, please respect others and what they do. We all love the Hill, for various reasons, and we all work to improve it in various ways. We can’t burn bridges on an island.

Firearm Restrictions Apply

  • The busiest hunting days are generally opening day and the weekends. The parking area can be congested at these times.
  • Camping and/or fires are not allowed at any time on Lopez Hill.
  • As always, dogs must be leashed while on Lopez Hill; it is especially important for your pet’s safety to observe this practice during hunting season.
  • Hunters are restricted to using only shotguns, muzzleloading rifles, bows or crossbows. High-powered rimfire rifles are not allowed for hunting anywhere in San Juan County.
  • Please clean carcasses away from the trails and parking area. Gut piles may be left uncovered for carrion eaters (ravens, vultures, eagles, etc).
  • If you suspect any illegal activities are occurring, please contact San Juan County Sheriff’s office at (360) 378-4151.
  • In an EMERGENCY call: 911 (or 378-4141 from a cell phone.)

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