Fall Mushroom Hike photos and list

It was a beautiful and warm day for the mushroom walk. Here’s a partial list of mushroom species collected on our October hike. Common names, where available, are in bold:

  • Agaricus hondensis (?) Felt-ringed agaricus
  •  ”  praeclaresquamosus (?)
  • Amanita phalloides (?) Death cap
  • Chlorophyyllum olivieri Shaggy Parasol
  • Fomitopsis cajanderi Rosy conk
  • Gomphidius sp.
  • Gymnopilus sp.
  • Lactarius rubrilacteus Bleeding milk-cap
  • Lepiota magnispora
  • Leucopaxillus sp.
  • Marasmius plientolus (?)
  • Pholiota aurivella (?)
  • Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster mushroom
  • Pluteus sp.
  • Pseudohydnum gelatinosum White jelly
  • Russula brevips, parasitized by Hypomyces laciafluorum Lobster mushroom
  • Suillus sp.
  • Thelephora terrestris

Madrona suggested good local online mushroom key: Keys to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

Many many thanks to Madrona, Tim, and everyone who helped to make this possible! See you next year…

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