Fall Mushroom Hike photos and list

It was a beautiful and warm day for the mushroom walk. Here’s a partial list of mushroom species collected on our October hike. Common names, where available, are in bold:

  • Agaricus hondensis (?) Felt-ringed agaricus
  •  ”  praeclaresquamosus (?)
  • Amanita phalloides (?) Death cap
  • Chlorophyyllum olivieri Shaggy Parasol
  • Fomitopsis cajanderi Rosy conk
  • Gomphidius sp.
  • Gymnopilus sp.
  • Lactarius rubrilacteus Bleeding milk-cap
  • Lepiota magnispora
  • Leucopaxillus sp.
  • Marasmius plientolus (?)
  • Pholiota aurivella (?)
  • Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster mushroom
  • Pluteus sp.
  • Pseudohydnum gelatinosum White jelly
  • Russula brevips, parasitized by Hypomyces laciafluorum Lobster mushroom
  • Suillus sp.
  • Thelephora terrestris

Madrona suggested good local online mushroom key: Keys to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

Many many thanks to Madrona, Tim, and everyone who helped to make this possible! See you next year…

Fall Mushroom hike

The autumn rains are priming those forest jewels to pop up for our 2014 Mushroom Walk on Lopez Hill, led by Madrona Murphy from Kwiaht. At 3:00 pm on Sunday, October 19th we will set off from the parking area off Lopez Sound Road (directions here). This walk will be shorter than last year and the number of people will be limited so that everyone can see and hear. Please sign up by emailing Tim Clark at timc@rockisland.com. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for walking in the weather, along with books, cameras, maps and questions. Please try to car-pool from the school, since parking is limited. See you there!

Lopez Hill Mushroom Hunt

Sunday, October 12 2013 at 9:00 am

Hosted by the Lopez Community Trails Network and the San Juan County Land Bank. Join Kwiaht botanist Madrona Murphy and Land Bank Lopez Preserve Steward Tim Clark for an exploration of the diverse mushrooms on Lopez Hill.

If you want to know more about mushroom identification and maybe bring some home as well, this may be the hike for you. This is an easy forested hike to the top of the highest point on Lopez Island. Meet at trailhead parking off of Lopez Sound Road at 9:00. No sign up necessary.

To find out more about the walk, check out the event page on Facebook: Lopez Hill Mushroom Hunt