Hunting in San Juan County—Firearms restrictions

San Juan County News Release No. 2006-8
October 13, 2006
Notice to Hunters:

Firearm Restrictions Apply in San Juan County

Modern, high-powered rifles are not allowed for hunting in San Juan County. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has adopted a firearm restriction for all of San Juan County. Use of modern rimfire and centerfire rifles for hunting is prohibited. Revolver pistols, shotguns that use slugs or buckshot, bow and arrows and muzzleloader rifles are still allowed during the hunting season.

This is the first year the firearm restriction has been in place. “The new regulation will require education of all hunters,” said Prosecutor Randall K. Gaylord. Hunters receive a hunting pamphlet with their license that explains the firearm restrictions on pages 57 and 58.

Gaylord explained that the firearm restrictions were adopted at the request of property owners and with the widespread support of local officials. “Many homes are close to areas where people hunt, and these regulations are a way to allow hunting to continue while minimizing the chance an errant bullet will hurt someone,” said Gaylord.

In addition, San Juan County Code 9.08.040 makes it unlawful to discharge a firearm or arrow across the property of another without the written permission of the property owner. “This written permission must be carried by the person when hunting, just like a license,” said Undersheriff Jon Zerby.

Hunters must have written permission from the property owner to discharge a firearm across private property.

See for full notice and sample authorization form.