The Friends of Lopez Hill coordinate our work and activities with these local agencies and groups:

San Juan County Land Bank

The purpose of the San Juan County citizens conservation Land Bank is to preserve in perpetuity areas in the County that have environmental, agricultural, aesthetic, cultural, scientific, historic, scenic or low-intensity recreational value, and to protect existing and future sources of potable water.

Website: San Juan County Land Bank

Facebook: San Juan County Land Bank

San Juan Preservation Trust

Founded in 1979, the San Juan Preservation Trust is a private, non-profit and membership-based land trust dedicated to helping people and communities conserve land in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

The Preservation Trust has permanently protected more than 260 properties, 37 miles of shoreline and 15,000 acres on 20 islands, including land now managed as public parks, nature preserves, wildlife habitat, and working farms and forests.

Website: San Juan Preservation Trust

Facebook: San Juan Preservation Trust

Kwiáht, Center for the historical ecology of the Salish Sea

Kwiáht is a nonprofit conservation biology laboratory in and for the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Kwiáht is a Coast Salish (Native American) word that means a place that has been kept physically clean and spiritually healthy. At Kwiáht we combine the latest scientific research methods in ecology, biochemistry and genetics with respect for indigenous values of place-centered human responsibility for life processes.

Website: Kwiáht

Facebook: Kwiáht

Lopez Community Trails Network

The Lopez Community Trails Network is dedicated to improving and increasing hiking, biking, and horseback riding opportunities on Lopez Island.  Justification for our enthusiasm for improved trails was provided by a San Juan County-wide recreation survey in 2010  showing that San Juan County residents, especially Lopezians, valued most “an interconnected system of trails and open space for all users.”

LCTN members are all volunteers who meet monthly to identify existing public and private trails, locate potential trail segments, partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations, and plan work sessions to implement our goals of building, maintaining, and connecting trails that will eventually traverse accessible corridors on our island, including improving the “walkability” of Lopez Village.

Website: Lopez Community Trails Network

Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument

Citizens working for permanent protection of BLM lands in the San Juan Islands.

The BLM manages over 60 places in the San Juans. They include small islands and reefs; light houses on Patos Island, Cattle Point and Turn Point; and popular recreation spots like Iceberg Point, Chadwick Hill, Watmough Bay and Patos Island.

Their status as a National Monument dedicates them as Conservation Lands and gives them permanent protection, with the guarantee of a strong community voice in their management.

Facebook: San Juan Islands National Monument