2017 Deer Hunting

Sorry for the late post. Deer hunting has been in progress since September. From October 14 – October 31 hunting with modern firearms is permitted. After that, no further hunting is permitted on Lopez Hill.

Please see dfw.wa.gov/hunting/regulations/ for more details. Or contact Tim Clark, San Juan Co. Land Bank Steward.


2 thoughts on “2017 Deer Hunting

  1. HI Friends, my property is immediately adjacent to the Hill, and i run those trails almost every day. I wear a bright yellow jacket, and both my dogs wear bright orange. one dog is the size and color of a small deer, so i hope the bright orange will alert hunters to the fact he is not in fact a deer. i worry that hunters shoot at anything that moves, so i hope we will not be shot while running through the forest. i talk to the dogs as we are running in hopes that hearing a voice might deter someone from shooting at us. welcome advice on how else to stay safe while enjoying the Hill during hunting season. thx.

  2. Kathryn, my property is on the north side of the hill. I personally would avoid the hill from now thru the end of October. You are taking all the right steps, but you cannot overcome a careless hunter. There are lots of other places to walk and run. If you must run there, I suggest avoiding weekends as off-island hunters are more prevalent. I have heard gun shots every day since the 14th.

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